District Lodge 70 Offices Temporarily Closed to Walk-In Traffic


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We are facing unprecedented circumstances with the COVID-19 pandemic. Furloughs, layoffs, school closures, businesses closing their doors throughout our Nation and communities, churches, the list continues to grow each day. We, as a Union, know how to stick together through the good times and the hard times, that is why we are called “The Fighting Machinists”. We are in ongoing discussions with the companies to get a better understanding of how this is affecting our membership. We will continue to work with our Legal and Strategic Resource departments at headquarters as well as Southern Territory GVP, local leadership and all levels of government agencies.

The District is faced with closing the doors for a short time to all walk-in traffic effective immediately. However, please understand the union will still be servicing the membership. Our current circumstances mandate we must temporarily conduct business differently (i.e. when possible meetings via teleconferencing, remote assignments, etc.) but our commitment to servicing the membership remains paramount. 

We will keep you updated and if you need any other assistance please call 211 and ask for Mario at United Way.

In Solidarity, 
Cornell Beard President/DBR

*Please visit your Local Lodge website for specific contact information.

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Updated: March 26, 2020 — 10:22 am