District Lodge 70 Election Update

Dear Brothers and Sisters of District Lodge 70

Many members have asked about the process of District Lodge 70 elections from here, related to sample balloting. In keeping you informed, as the District Lodge 70 election process moves forward, we are happy to report all Local Lodges have concluded their Endorsement run-off (one LL nominated the exact number of candidates in June 2017, therefore having no Endorsement vote “run-off”).

The next step in the process is having the Local Lodge Recording Secretaries certify their Local Lodge nominated candidates with their LL stamp to the District. This contains the names of each Local Lodge nominated candidate, the final two (2) Local Lodges will wrap up tomorrow (June 18, 2017) from the weekend. From there, we will begin the process of preparing the District Lodge 70 election ballot. Where nominated candidates receive the same number of Local Lodge nominations, the position on the ballot shall be determined by a “lot” drawing, in accordance with the District Lodge 70 bylaws, Article VI, Section 11 (guideline while under trusteeship). We currently have fourteen (14) nominated candidates from the seven (7) affiliated Local Lodges that received the same number of Lodge nominations. Therefore there will be a “lot” drawing today and tomorrow (June 18, 2017) at the District Lodge for the nominated candidate.

The candidates will “lot” draw to determine their numbered position on the election ballot, all candidates affected have been notified. Once this is completed on Tuesday, July 18, 2017, the final process begins of putting the ballots together, proofing and then sending for print. The normal process is seventy-two (72) hours for the Local Lodge to certify their nominated candidates to the District Lodge and then five (5) days for the District Lodge to turn this around and begin sending out any received absentee election ballot request and sample ballot to your shops, (marked sample ballot) for your review.

It is our goal to work this as quickly as possible, we will work (DL 70 administrative staff) very diligently to be well ahead of the schedule for you, our members. In closing, we thank each and every member of District Lodge 70, please set the date to come out and vote, regardless of candidate, just vote, you are the Union!

“United we Stand and Divided we Fall”.

In Solidarity,
Tony Blevins, Coordinator
DL 70 Deputy, Assigned
IAM Aerospace Department
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Updated: July 17, 2017 — 9:35 pm