Dear Brothers and Sisters of District Lodge 70 (Election Update July 19, 2017)

Dear Brothers and Sisters of District Lodge 70,

As stated in an earlier election update, we would strive to be ahead of the allowable time to complete the procedural process and preparation of DL 70 election ballots.

We are proud to report we have concluded procedural requirements three (3) days early per the IAM constitution and District Lodge 70 Bylaws in preparing the Election Ballots and preparing ‘Sample Ballots” for you, our members viewing. Part of the procedural requirement was candidates with same number of Local Lodge nominations would need to draw by “lot” for their ballot position.

Yesterday, fourteen (14) of the sixteen (16) Business Representative nominated candidates were required to draw by “lot” in accordance with the District Lodge 70 Bylaws, for balloting positioning. Two (2) Business Representative nominated candidate positions was automatic due to the number of Local Lodge nominations they received, as was the Directing Business Representative and Secretary Treasurer positions.

Sending a thank you out to all the candidates for showing up for this important process in completing the procedures. Please check with your Local Lodge for your date and polling times for this very important election. We have also posted for your convenience the “Notice of  Election” that went out in June 2017 with dates and times for each Local Lodge, please look under the tab “District Lodge 70 Election Information” on our DL 70 website, as well as additional information related to this election process, at


“United we Stand and Divided we Fall”


Tony Blevins, Coordinator
DL 70 Deputy, Assigned
IAM Aerospace Department


 Mark Love
Grand Lodge Representative
IAM&AW, Southern Territory

Updated: July 19, 2017 — 7:23 pm