Working Families Remember 9/11

Working Families Remember 9/11

Remember 9/11
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On the 16th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, America’s working people commemorate those who lost their lives and those who worked tirelessly to help us recover and rebuild. Here are their words:

Union Veterans Council:

Today marks 16 years since four coordinated attacks on American soil shaped and changed our country as a whole. Two thousand nine hundred and ninety-six American lives were lost and more than 6,000 others were injured as a direct result of those attacks. America as a whole lost its sense of safety and security on September 11, 2001.

Since that day we have been at war, a war that has no end in sight. Millions of young men and women have volunteered and continue to volunteer to serve their country and defend the ideas we hold so dear. Many of those soldiers paid the ultimate sacrifice. Many came home with injuries, ones you can see and so many you cannot.

This war has created a new generation of American veterans who have faced new and difficult struggles. We must insure that these veterans have the support and resources to be able to transition into civilian life, so they can achieve the American Dream.

Today, we honor the ones that we have lost, both at home and abroad and pledge to NEVER FORGET.

Fire Fighters:

“We will always remember their service, their dedication and their courage in the face of one of the most horrific moments in our union’s history,” said General President Harold Schaitberger. “We will never forget the supreme sacrifice made by our New York fire fighters who risked their lives to save others on that fateful day.”

Other unions and organizations memorialized the day on Twitter:

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