The Center of Victory

The Center of Victory

Iovino win
Natasha Lindstrom/Tribune-Review

The labor movement helped elect a wave of union members and pro-worker allies across the country last night. We proved that if you support working people, we’ll have your back. And we sent a resounding message to every candidate and elected official that if you seek to divide and destroy us, we’ll fight back with everything we have.

The labor movement fought for our issues, union candidates and proven allies, and we filled the halls of power with our own.

We’re still tracking races and results, but here are the main takeaways:

  • Pam Iovino (USW) flipped Pennsylvania’s 37th state Senate District.

  • Union members Eric Genrich (AFSCME) and Satya Rhodes-Conway (AFT) were elected as the mayors of Green Bay and Madison, Wisconsin, respectively.

  • A slate of union members (from the Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association and AFSCME) and allies swept the Milwaukee School Board elections, and Danielle Shelton (AFT) won the election for a seat on the Milwaukee County Circuit Court.

  • In Missouri, Tommie Pierson Sr. (UAW) and Mike Corcoran (UA) won mayoral elections in Bellefontaine Neighbors and St. Ann, respectively. Meanwhile, Nick Trupiano (UFCW) was elected alderman in St. Peters and Orlando Smith (UA) won election as the Fire Protection District director for the city of Black Jack.

Working people win when working people run. In 2017, the AFL-CIO passed a powerful national resolution promising to train and campaign for union members to win public office through the Path to Power program.

Kenneth Quinnell
Wed, 04/03/2019 – 15:08

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