Stop the Lame-Duck Power Grabs

Stop the Lame-Duck Power Grabs

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Wisconsin AFL-CIO

After losing the top offices in Wisconsin and Michigan, anti-worker legislators are trying to strip powers from Govs.-elect Tony Evers and Gretchen Whitmer, respectively—before they are even sworn in. Doing so would have enormous negative consequences for working people in both states.

We must stop these outrageous lame-duck power grabs.

Wisconsin lawmakers are rushing through proposals that would:

  • Strip key power and authority from Gov.-elect Evers and incoming Attorney General Josh Kaul before they take office.

  • Lock the state into a misguided lawsuit challenging the Affordable Care Act.

  • Make it harder to vote.

  • Lower hardworking construction workers’ pay by limiting the number of transportation projects subject to federal prevailing wage standards.

Call your state senator and representative NOW to stop these efforts to undermine and take away power from Gov.-elect Tony Evers before he takes office.

In Michigan, the lame-duck legislature is considering bills that would:

  • Transfer powers from the governor’s and attorney general’s offices to the legislature.

  • Remove the secretary of state from overseeing the state’s campaign finance laws and establish a six-person commission with nominees chosen by the state’s political parties.

  • Weaken new minimum wage and sick time initiatives.

Take action NOW. Call Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder’s office and urge him to oppose these proposals: 517-335-7858.

Kenneth Quinnell
Tue, 12/04/2018 – 12:26

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Updated: January 1, 2019 — 10:33 pm