Make Your St. Patrick's Day Union-Made in America

Make Your St. Patrick’s Day Union-Made in America

Union-Made St. Patrick's Day

Many people will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by going green and grabbing a frosty brew, and Labor 411 has more than a few great options. Its union-made beer list has topped 250 choices; and if you’re putting a meal together, it’s got some delicious savory accompaniments.

Corned Beef

  •  Saag’s
  •  Thumann’s
  •  Winter’s Premium Deli

Potatoes and Cabbage

  • Dole fresh potatoes
  • Purchase cabbage at a union grocery store like Safeway, Fred Meyer, QFC, Albertsons, Haggen and many smaller stores like PCC Community Markets (see or for more info).


  • Bass, Beck’s, Blue Moon, Budweiser, Busch, Butte Creek, Coors, Dundee, Duquesne, Genesee, Goose Island, Hamm’s, Henry Weinhard’s, Iron City, Jamaica Red Ale, Keystone, George Killian’s, Landshark Lager, Lionshead, Mad River, Mendocino Brewing, Michelob, Mickey’s, Miller Genuine Draft, Milwaukee’s Best, Natural Ice, O’Doul’s (nonalcoholic), Pabst Blue Ribbon, Red Stripe, Red Tail Ale, Rolling Rock, Samuel Adams, Schlitz, Shock Top, Steelhead, Third Shift

This list of options for your St. Patrick’s Day is courtesy of Labor 411.

Kenneth Quinnell
Wed, 03/14/2018 – 14:55

Updated: March 20, 2018 — 12:39 am