Best Candidates for Working People, 2018: Martin Heinrich

Best Candidates for Working People, 2018: Martin Heinrich

Martin Heinrich

This November’s elections are shaping up to be among the most consequential in recent U.S. history. Throughout the summer and fall, we’ve been taking a look at the best candidates for working people. Today, we feature Sen. Martin Heinrich from New Mexico.

Here are some of the key reasons why Heinrich is one of the best candidates for working people in 2018:

  • His father Pete was an immigrant who served in the U.S. military before becoming a lineman with the Electrical Workers (IBEW), so Heinrich grew up in a union household.

  • As Albuquerque City Council president, he fought to raise the minimum wage, institute community policing and create green building codes.

  • In the Senate, he serves on the Energy and Natural Resources Committee, where he is leading efforts to create good jobs and a cleaner energy future.

  • Heinrich also serves on the Armed Services Committee where he has worked tirelessly to help service members and veterans get prepared for the careers of today and tomorrow.

  • He has worked to close the gender pay gap.

  • Heinrich has fought to raise the federal minimum wage to $15.

  • He has worked with local businesses and national labs to develop new products and businesses that create local jobs.

  • Heinrich wants to expand investment in education and infrastructure.

  • He has championed renewable energy investments in New Mexico to export clean energy to other states, creating more jobs in the process.

  • Heinrich created public land protections that have helped fuel the state’s outdoor recreation industry, creating thousands of jobs.

  • He secured job retraining benefits for laid-off miners.

  • Heinrich is working to allow Medicare to negotiate for lower prescription drug costs for seniors.

  • He wants to expand Medicare, Medicaid and other programs to provide access to quality health care.

  • Heinrich helped win a delay in the so-called Cadillac Tax on many union health plans and is working to eliminate the tax altogether.

  • He helped close the Medicare Part D “donut hole.”

  • Heinrich supports comprehensive immigration reform that protects Dreamers and includes an earned and fair path to citizenship.

  • He voted to strengthen education benefits for veterans and their children.

To learn more about Heinrich, visit his website.

Kenneth Quinnell
Thu, 10/18/2018 – 09:29

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