Best Candidates for Working People, 2018: Chuck Brannan

Best Candidates for Working People, 2018: Chuck Brannan

This November’s elections are shaping up to be among the most consequential in recent U.S. history. Throughout the summer and fall, we are taking a look at the best candidates for working people. Today, we feature Chuck Brannan who is running for state legislature in Florida.

Here are some of the key reasons why Brannan is one of the best candidates for working people in 2018:

  • He supports a defined-benefit retirement system for public-sector workers.

  • Brannan will make it a priority to fund health and safety protections for public employees.

  • He wants to expand funding for the state’s college system, with an emphasis on workforce development.

  • Brannan supports increasing salaries and maintaining good benefits for public-sector workers.

  • He will insist that apprenticeship programs be included as a key element of the state’s workforce development strategy.

  • Brannan supports allowing both state and local governments to enact minimum examination, certification and licensing requirements for skilled craftsmen.

  • He supports legislation that would protect pensions and other benefits from being used to offset workers’ compensation payments.

  • Brannan opposes private school voucher programs that take funding from public schools.

To learn more about Brannan, visit his website.

Kenneth Quinnell
Fri, 11/02/2018 – 13:40

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Updated: November 8, 2018 — 2:00 pm