Another Organizing Victory in the South: IBEW at Atlanta Gas Light

Another Organizing Victory in the South: IBEW at Atlanta Gas Light

Last week, working people scored another notable victory in the South, when 700 working people at Atlanta Gas Light voted to join the Electrical Workers (IBEW). Here is what organizers on the ground said about the victory.

Jimmy Flynn, 5th District professional and industrial lead organizer for IBEW:

The men and women of Atlanta Gas Light have made the decision to collectively bargain and have a voice in the workplace. When the campaign began, the message was simple and true: Without a contract, you have no protection, no seat at the table and no just cause. When AGL became part of the Southern Co. and those employees looked at their co-workers, they knew the IBEW was the right choice for them.

Katie Foster, executive director of the Atlanta-North Georgia Labor Council:

Wednesday, April 19 was a wonderful morning! Affiliates of the Atlanta-North Georgia Labor Council stood with IBEW brothers and sisters as Atlanta Gas Light workers came into work that morning. The response from the workers was a true indicator of how ready the workers were to vote for union representation. They honked, waved and even talked with us as they were driving by. As a part of the council, I was extremely proud of other council affiliates who came out in support of IBEW. The labor movement in the South is alive!

Eric Richardson, political director for Communications Workers of America (CWA) Local 3204 and an Atlanta-North Georgia Labor Council delegate:

We at the Atlanta-North Georgia Labor Council were asked to assist IBEW in their organizing effort at Atlanta Gas Light. I am happy to report their campaign was successful. CWA Local 3204 was represented. I thank my local president, Ed Barlow, for giving me the opportunity to participate in the spirit of trade unionism, as what affects one affects all in the labor movement. I appreciate my brother affiliates and constituent groups that also participated in this and other actions, like the expungement event with Fulton County Solicitor General Keith Gammage, co-sponsored with the council. Congrats to IBEW!

Kenneth Quinnell
Fri, 04/27/2018 – 10:03

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