AFSCME Member Elected to Connecticut State Legislature

AFSCME Member Elected to Connecticut State Legislature

Connecticut AFL-CIO

Anthony Nolan, a New London, Connecticut, city councilman and member of AFSCME Local 724, won his race yesterday in a special election to fill an open seat in the state legislature.

Nolan will continue to serve as a New London patrol officer in addition to his new role as state representative.

“The union is a brotherhood and sisterhood that stands up and fights for you,” Nolan said of his labor backing in the race. “It means a great deal to have the support of the people who stand with you every day.”

The Connecticut AFL-CIO proudly endorsed Nolan. “Because of his experiences, Anthony understands how important it is to be a voice for working families,” Connecticut AFL-CIO President Sal Luciano (AFSCME) said. “He pledges to fight for labor’s priorities, including an increase in the minimum wage, paid family and medical leave, a more progressive income tax and limiting the practice of captive audience meetings during organizing drives.”

The state federation and affiliates organized labor-to-labor activities for their union brother during the short special election time frame. Nolan joins 19 other union members who serve in the Connecticut state legislature.

Connecticut AFL-CIO

Kenneth Quinnell
Thu, 02/28/2019 – 09:48

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