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For nearly 60 days, retired U.S. Air Force lieutenant colonel and pilot instructor Paul Powell of Local 708 has been on strike against FlightSafety Services Corporation (FSSC). For him, it was an important moment when he heard that Kansas Governor Laura Kelly was going to stop by the strike line to show her support.“Governor Kelly has been instrumental in getting our issues with FSSC to the top of the Department of Labor’s (DOL) priority list,” said Powell. “It was great to have the opportunity to thank her in person.” Taking time from a packed schedule, Governor Kelly met with the 17 IAM members of Local 708 who have been on an unfair labor strike against FSSC for more than two months. Many of these working-class heroes are retired military and are proud to be part of the KC-46 Pegasus Aircrew Training System at McConnell Air Force Base. They hope that representatives like Kelly will help expedite a DOL ruling that will determine the inclusion or exclusion of the Service Contract Act (SCA) into the current USAF contract. During her visit, the governor reported to the striking Machinists that the DOL will have a ruling in the case by Wednesday, April 17, 2019. So far, these IAM members have declined two separate ‘return to work’ offers from FSSC as they wait for the ruling, which would give them negotiating power at the table and industry-level standards that others in their field enjoy. “It is the job of a governor to protect and serve the residents of the state. I applaud Kansas Governor Laura Kelly in taking the time to reach out to these brave members who are standing up for workers everywhere, trying to change the status quo,” said IAM Southern Territory General Vice President Rickey Wallace. “It will not be forgotten by these men and women that she took the time to show her constituents that their fight has not been overlooked or forgotten.” ~ www.goiam.org

Governor Kelly visits members of IAM Local 708 on strike against FlightSafety Services Corporation. Governor Kelly reports the Department of Labor will have a ruling in the Service Contract Act language inclusion in the United States Air Force Contract with FlightSafety Services Corp. by Wednesday, April 17, 2019. ~ Day 59 on Strike!

These IAM Machinists are standing strong for justice! They’re sacrificing for workers across this great nation, let’s help them while they’re on strike. ~Day 51 on Strike!

KAKE News Story by Anchor/Reporter Morgan Mobley – Day 42 on strike

IAM members of Local Lodge 708 on strike against FlightSafety Services Corporation have spoken clearly with a 100% vote to REJECT another “Return-to-work” offer from FlightSafety Services Corp! These members not easily swayed, knowing they are doing the right thing! The strike continues. (The “return to work” offer is a “memorandum of agreement” that would allow strikers to go back to work under certain conditions for a determined amount of time and then return to the negotiating table.) – Day 40 on strike

“These USAF Veterans are making the most of an Unfair Labor Strike against FlightSafety Services Corporation over the Service Contract Act INCLUSION that was left out of the government’s contract to FlightSaftey. Service work being done by these great Pilot Instructors/Boom Operator Instructors and Simulator Technicians maintaining state of the art simulators for the USAF is clearly “Services and Support” and should legally include the Service Contract Act provisions! It’s the law! LL708 Strike Update – Day 9.
LL708 Strike Update Day 5
LL708 Strike Update Day 3
Local 708 Strike Line – Day 2

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September 10, 2018

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