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Cornell Beard – President/Directing Business Representative (District 70 and All Local Lodges)
Gerald Hill – Assistant Directing Business Representative (All Contracts)
Susan Thompson – Secretary/Treasurer (District 70 and All Local Lodges)
Business Representatives and Assignments

Bobby Crawford – Local Lodge Assignments: LL839, LL1989, LL2799

Kathy Knox – Local Lodge Assignments: LL774

Shaun Junkins Local Lodge Assignments: LL639, LL774, LL2799

Tyson Kelly – Local Lodge Assignments: LL708, LL839

Local Lodge 839 Business Reps

Tim Johnson – 1st Shift

Jason Baze – 2nd Shift

Administrative Staff

Jill Mason – District Financial Administrator

Debra Harding – Local Lodge Financial Administrator

Reytausha McPherson – Administrative Assistant

Dayna Bryant – Confidential Secretary

District 70 Communicator

Scott Gardner – Communicator