About District 70
DISTRICT LODGE 70 – International Association of Machinist and Aerospace Workers, is located in Wichita, Kansas, home of the Fighting Machinists. Our District has a rich history in Kansas. District Lodge 70 was charted March 24, 1942, and included the following Local Lodge’s: 708, 774, 784, 733, 778, 779, 781, 794 and Local Lodge 834 was added May 1942.

Roosevelt Local Lodge 1308 was chartered April 27, 1934, making it the oldest local among District 70 affiliates. Members of LL 1308 were employed by Santa Fe Railroad and Continental bus company garages. Do to the closing of Santa Fe and Continental facilities in Wichita LL 1308 was merged with LL 708 on August 31, 1987.

Our District currently has ten Local Lodge’s chartered, including:

LL 639 Bombardier Aerospace LL 1989 Kaydon (Great Bend Industries)
LL 708 Garnett/Jobbers, Sherwin Williams, CSRA, DynCorp, CAE, Goldbelt Falcon, T.R.D.I
LL 774 Textron Aviation (Cessna/Beechcraft) LL 2799 Johnson Controls, and in 2018 Nortrak (Formerly LL1992) merged
LL 839 Spirit Aerosystems  

A large part of our District is comprised of members associated with the Aviation and Aerospace industry for over 50 years including Boeing, Cessna, Raytheon, and Bombardier Learjet, making Wichita the Air Capital Of The world.

SHARING THE PROSPERITY The work our members perform has a huge economic impact to the local and state economy. They pay taxes and purchase goods and services throughout the community allowing for a better standard of living and more and better local and state services for everyone.

CONTRIBUTING TO OUR COMMUNITY The District membership contributes annually to a varity of national and local charities such as United Way of the Plains and Guide Dogs of America. We have helped to make our community safer by providing much needed equipment for our local firefighters. Several years ago our district and locals provided the funds to purchase several state of the art thermal-imaging cameras to allow firemen to find victims in a working fire. The precious seconds and minutes these cameras save in finding victims can make the difference in saving lives.

ACTIVE IN OUR COMMUNITY We have established a positive working relationship within our community and we will strive to build on that relationship in the years to come. We have been active in many community projects such as turning over our District to the Red Cross as a disaster headquarters for the tornado of 1999 that was less then a mile from our building, helping to remodel KANSEL headquarters and constructing playground equipment for Rainbows United. Our members give generously throughout the year and especially during the holiday season to help those less fortunate than themselves.