IAMAW District Lodge 70

Month: November 2017

'Right to Work' Designed to Keep Black Workers Poor

‘Right to Work’ Designed to Keep Black Workers Poor In his commentary “Unions ignore long history of excluding minorities from jobs,” Missouri Rep. Shamed Dogan (R) highlighted past discriminatory practices in organized labor’s history as reason for implementing our state’s currently pending “right to work” law, along with other anti-worker measures such as ending prevailing wage […]

‘Ensuring a Qualified Civil Service Act’ Does Exactly the Opposite

The Machinists Union and the National Federation of Federal Employees (NFFE-IAM) are calling on all members to contact their Representatives to demand they vote “NO” on the “Ensuring a Qualified Civil Service Act” (H.R. 4182). Machinists Union International President Bob Martinez sent a letter to members of Congress opposing the bill. This legislation would extend the […]

The Definition of ‘Union’

We’ve all been there. Those times in life when money is tight and you’re not sure how you are going to make it through the month. Thankfully, most of us do survive, unscathed for the most part. But some do not and even worse, many end up losing everything, even their home. That’s the sort […]

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