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District 70 and the Wichita/Hutchinson Labor Federation 2014 Spirit of Labor’s Christmas Program Application for Assistance.
Application Deadline is December 12, 2014.
Print the application


District 70 and the Wichita/Hutchinson Labor Federation 2014 Spirit of Labor’s Christmas Program Application for Assistance.
Application Deadline is December 12, 2014.
Print the application


We need good qualified Machinists.
We have exhausted our Out of Work List for Local Lodge 65 in Muscle Shoals, AL.
We need qualified Maintenance Mechanic Machinists for work at the TVA facilities.
The work would require travel throughout the Tennessee Valley. The individual could be performing a wide range of duties ranging from power house maintenance in coal, hydro, or nuclear plants. He/she could be called for turbine work on combustion turbine or combined cycle gas plants, coal plants, hydro plants, or nuclear plants.
Shop Machinists and Machinist Welders are needed as well. They must be able to read mics and calipers. Air Craft Mechanics are a good fit for the CT and CC work.
The pay scale ranges from $29.55 an hour to $34.77 an hour. The IAM pension is at $1.50 an hour and the IAM Benefit Trust insurance is $6.56 an hour.
Please note that these are not permanent jobs. They are seasonal for the fall and spring outage seasons.
If we have members that are in need of work and don't mind traveling please have them send me their resume. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
 and I will do my best to put them to work.
Forrest Keith McFarland
ADBR District Lodge 711


(Sedgwick County, Kan.) – With reports of Ebola in the United States, and a rising concern worldwide about the spread of the virus, Sedgwick County has teamed up with United Way of the Plains to make information about Ebola available by calling 2-1-1, United Way’s information line available to people across Kansas.

Sedgwick County has no cases of Ebola, but county officials are encouraging people to educate themselves about Ebola, which is only spread through direct contact, for example by contact through broken skin with the blood or bodily fluids of a person infected with Ebola.

More information about Ebola is available at or on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website.


Brothers and Sisters

  • On Tuesday August 5, 2014 a grievance was filed on behalf of the Local 839 against  Spirit Aerosystems  for the Company decision to look into offloading work.  

 On Wednesday August 6, 2014 a second grievance was filed against Spirit Aerosystems for the Company decision to look into insourcing work. 

 On Friday an Injunction was filed with the Federal Courts to try to stop Spirits activity pending arbitration in regards to the insourcing  and outsourcing of bargaining unit jobs.

 During Saturdays meeting Headquarters Attorney Rod Tanner, thirty year IAM member,

 With this action we hope to get a federal injunction that will bar the Company from outsourcing any work until the case can be heard in arbitration. 

 We are hoping to get in front of the judge as quickly as possible and proceed thru the grievance process, ultimately arbitration.  District 70 is committed to keep you updated throughout the process.

 We ask for your continued support as this is an issue we are committed to fight to its entirety. 

In Solidarity,

District 70


Be qualified for careers in aviation. View the flyer for a list of training courses, start dates and contact info if you or you know someone who is interested in furthering your education or wanting to get into the field of aviation.


FamilyWize Prescription Discount Card

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Print the card.

There are no forms to fill out, waiting period, registration or costs to obtain the card. Print your card.

Who can use the FamilyWize card?

These cards can be used by everyone in the community, not just people without insurance. They can even be used by people with health benefits, including Medicaid or Medicare.

Where can I use the FamilyWize card?

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What if I have more questions?

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United Way of the Plains expanding free book program for preschoolers in all of Sedgwick County Any child under five years old in Sedgwick County is now eligible for a free age-appropriate book once a month. United Way of the Plains has expanded a program to all of Sedgwick County that it previously offered in a few areas of Wichita. Since 2011, United Way has been locally funding the program called Dolly Parton's Imagination Library and has distributed over 52,000 books to children. "We want every child to experience the joy of books even if their families cannot afford them," said Patrick J. Hanrahan, president of United Way of the Plains. "We know if children get exposed to reading early, they will learn more quickly and every aspect of their lives will benefit." In addition to Sedgwick County, United Way provides books in Sumner County, Andover and Augusta. Parents can register these ways:

Dolly Parton's Imagination Library is a national program started by Dolly Parton to inspire children to learn to read. The experiences of thousands of families, as well as research in child development, affirm the benefits of early learning experiences for children. Research shows that activities such as reading regularly with children, beginning in infancy, can produce a significant growth in I.Q., which lasts a child’s lifetime.  Anyone interested in helping fund the program can send a donation to: United Way of the Plains, 245 N. Water, Wichita, KS 67202. If by check, make it out to "United Way of the Plains" with "Imagination Library" in the memo line.


Secretary-Treasurers from AFL-CIO-affiliated unions across the nation received a front row seat to the IAM’s premiere showing of “Pensions 101: Surviving Bankruptcy,” an introductory video to a new program the IAM is building to teach unions and union representatives how to better protect their members at companies facing corporate bankruptcy.
One of the people interviewed for this video is Kelly Cleaton a plant chair for Local Lodge 733 at Beechcraft.


MAPP, or rather the Machinist Advantage Partnership Program, is charting a new course in Kansas. The brainchild of District 70 in Wichita, this discount program is making big strides to save money for the nearly 13,000 machinists that call this community home.





I bet many of you didn’t know that we have a Retirees group that meets at District 70! Well, we do! This is a club that has been in existence for many years. We get together once a month, eat some great food that has been brought by our members and then have our meeting where we do our monthly business. But, one of the best parts is meeting new people and even running into some old friends.

This is a group where you can get involved, stay informed on topics that are important to retirees and have fun in the process. The officers of the club are elected annually, so there is a great opportunity to be a leader as well!

Read more: DL70 Retirees Club Invites You

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