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Every week, the AFL-CIO will be bringing you a roundup of the important news and commentary about issues and events important to working families. These articles are direct to you via

Make Your St. Patrick's Day Union-Made in America

Make Your St. Patrick’s Day Union-Made in America AFL-CIO Many people will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by going green and grabbing a frosty brew, and Labor 411 has more than a few great options. Its union-made beer list has topped 250 choices; and if you’re putting a meal together, it’s got some delicious savory accompaniments. Corned […]

Enforcing Trade Rules Is Not a ‘Trade War’

Enforcing Trade Rules Is Not a ‘Trade War’ The Stand The recent tariffs on steel and aluminum have been characterized as trade war. This is weird because countries often enforce trade rules with targeted tariffs and sanctions, and markets adjust. What’s the real issue? In the orthodoxy of free trade, tariffs are heresy. Any tariff suggests […]

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