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Month: January 2018

Chuck Jones Is Still Taking Trump to Task

Chuck Jones Is Still Taking Trump to Task Kentucky AFL-CIO When Ronald Reagan ran for president in 1980, the Republicans put out a TV commercial in which a union guy said Reagan was for working stiffs like him. Unions warned that the far-right-wing Reagan was notoriously anti-union. “A union member voting for Ronald Reagan would […]

More Than One-Third of People with Traditional Medicare Spent at Least 20 Percent of Their Total Income on Health Care in 2013

According to a Kaiser Family Foundation study , more than one-third of people with traditional Medicare spent at least 20 percent of their total income on health care in 2013. The study is entitled Medicare Beneficiaries’ Out-of-Pocket Health Care Spending as a Share of Income Now and Projections for the Future. Health care is a […]

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