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Month: October 2016

Election 2016: The Year of Women Voters

Women have the power to be the difference in this election cycle. A deeper look into races on the federal and state levels show women as a pivotal vote in 2016.  For the past several election cycles, we’ve heard a lot about soccer moms and unmarried women helping determine the election cycle. Soccer moms represent […]

Working People in Unions Condemn Harassment and Hate Crimes Against Black Hawk County, Iowa, Supervisor Candidate Chris Schwartz

This is Trump-style politics at its worst. Chris Schwartz, an openly gay man, our union brother (American Federation of Musicians Local 137) and Pride At Work member, is running for county supervisor in Black Hawk County, Iowa. If successful, Schwartz would be the first openly gay man to serve in that role. Throughout his campaign, he has […]

In Missouri, Make Sure to Vote No on Amendment 6

While it seems like the presidential election is dominating the news, social media, interpersonal conversations and pretty much everything else these days, it’s important to keep in mind that there are other elections and numerous state and local ballot initiatives to vote for this year, too. One of the most extreme and dangerous ballot initiatives […]

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